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Our story began in 2016 out of love for simple, handcrafted things.  The creative spirit behind the brand was simple, fresh design with delightful surprises. Our design seeks to find a balance in everyday living. 

The balance between new technology and history.  

The balance between machining and handcrafting.  

The balance between too much and too little.  

The balance between functional and free spirit.

The balance between complex and simple.

The balance between bore and delightful surprise.

The balance between stale and fresh.



We seek to find a balance between new technology and handcrafting.

80% of our prodcts are handcrafted.  By handcraft, what we mean is that the product is entirely made by hand, using only traditional tools and techniques.

For example, in handcrafting a leather bag, the entire process uses hand, including stitching, which is done by traditional saddle stitching using two needles. This entire process contributes almost zero carbon footprint. If a leather bag is assembled together using sewing machine, we do not consider this as 100% handcrafted. ​

For straw bags, the entire process is made by hand using crotchet technique or weaving technique.

For bead bags, the entire process is made by stringing the beads together, bead by bead. 



We work with some of the best in class suppliers in materials manufacturing. Quality testing reports are available at request for B2B accounts.

Leather Range

/ are made from calf/cow/lamb skins and hides, where these animals are breed for purpose for food and the skins and hides are by products.

/ are crafted to build to last. This is our contribution to sustainbility

/ are as light as possible as we minimise the use of hardware.

Natural Fiber Range

/ are made either from cottonwood yarn, cotton yarn or 100% silk yarn.

/ the cottonwood and silk yarns are produced in boutique studios in the eastern part of China.

/ the cotton yarn is produced in a boutique studio in Thailand.



Come and experience the art of leathercrafting at our studio in Shanghai. Workshop programs start from basic, to bags making and more fun projects such as leather dyeing and bag upcycling. 

Email to following to check schedule of workshop: info@atholhu.store



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