What is suede?

One of our favourite material to us is suede leather. 
Now, what is suede? It is often confuse with chamois or deer skin because of the softness, or nubuck because of the surface finishing. 

Chamois is not deer

Chamois looks like deer, belonging to the same family. 
(picture of a chamois)

The population of chamois has been decreasing, part of them is under protection. As such, we see fake chamois appearing in the markets.

Suede is not chamois skin, nor is it deer skin

Suede is a type of leather, and it can be derived from any type of animal skin that is used in the production of normal leather. The main difference between suede and other types of leather is that suede fabric is derived from the underside of animal skin while most types of leather are derived from the top side of animal skin.
The underside of animal skin is much softer than the outside, but it is also less resistant to the elements and stains. It is much softer to the touch and more comfortable when worn against the skin.

Suede is not nubuck

Nubuck is sometimes confused with suede. Nubuck is leather with a buffed or polished to create a velvety or linty texture on the face, to imitate the appearance of velvet or suede. 

(Bella Parfume in Green Nubuck)
(the difference between nubuck and polished leather - left is nubuck)
Despite the difficulty in maintaining suede, we can't help but use them for our designs becuase they just feel too good on hand. Check them out!

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