Upcycle with Us | JWA Uniqlo Coat

Once in a while, we like to do some upcycling. Upcycling helps to stimulate our mind, it also helps to bring a new lease of life to something we like.
Here is our latest project - a JW Anderson / Uniqlo coat from AW2020 collection. We love this coat but find the sleeves too puffy. We turn it into a Vest Coat!
Step One: have a general idea of how the final product will look like, for example, in this case, we want to change a long sleeve coat to a sleeveless vest coat with leather trimmings. Then further rework down to where you want the trimmings to be, what color for the trimmings etc. 
Step Two: Get to work! Cut away the sleeves and prepare all the required materials and then start sewing.
Step Three: Work on the finer details, for example, we remove the belt loop. We also think that the coat may look too plain with just the leather trimmings on the sleeve, so we added one more trimming at the waist button area. 
Final look. What do you think?