Black, a classic

Black is never outdated.
Black has always been featured in most of the fashion runways.
Black is a mysterious color,
yet one of the most efficient colors
where you can match with almost any color.

If every woman should own a little black dress, then every woman should also own a little black bag.
From big to small, from formal to casual, we have a black bag for you. 

For Work

Recommendations: Bella Basket or Bella Bufangbuyuan

Black is no doubt the first choice when choosing your very first leather bag for work. Bella Basket comes in two sizes, to suit your frame or your needs. Be it big or small, they are a good size work bag for your digital devices, documents and folders. 

If you prefer something unique, Bella Bufangbuyuan may fit the bill. The round base but angular closure maybe a conversation starter.

For Daily

Recommendations: Yoko Hobo Egg or Bouteille

Shaped like an egg, Yoko Hobo Egg has a youthful feel, big enough as a work bag. The elongated shape is especially suitable for a tall size girl.

All you need to carry around is a cell phone and red lipstick. Our Bella Bouteille could probably light up the casual occasion with its cute shape. 

For Date

Recommendations: Bella Parfume, Bella Granny or Bella The Vintage

Be it a group date or casual date, fashionable or retro style bags may be suitable for this relaxing occasion.
The black color gives our Bella Parfume a cool temperament, whilst the copper chain is like the golden scarf around the neck of the parfume bottle. Both feminine and mysterious at the same time.

Bella Granny is one of our earliest designs. The classic shape in a classic color is definitely a good bag to have for a long, long time. 

A more vintage temperament, that is the spirit of Bella Vintage. Paired with leather jacket and jeans, this indeed a cool combination.


Recommendations: Bella Baguette

One of our popular designs, Bella Baguette comes in three different handles to suit all party wear.
Bella Baguette in gold plated chain handle.

Bella Baguette in leather wristlet.

Bella Baguette in a simple leather strap.

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