The Beginning of Spring - Inspirations from the 5 Elements

It is the beginning of Spring 2023, the start of the Water Rabbit year according to ancient Chinese metaphysics.

Our new collection, in colors of the Spring, are bright but muted. The colors are chosen to represent the five elements - metal, wood, water, fire, earth.

The Metal Element
White is gold, it represents the metal element. She is eye-catching and a color that few can wear well.
Our creamy white Giant Baguette, with 18k stainless steel gold chain adds some sparks to this "white gold".

The Wood Element
 Wood, as the name implies, is green. Particularly this year, strong as trees, fluid as the grass.
Our Baguette in forest, is a great choice.

The Water Element
Some say this is the Year of Black Rabbit, because the chinese character has the meaning of black. 
The Vintage Phone Pouch is crafted in black textured leather, ideal for traveling and has the convenience of a small bag. It is price friendly, and a good start to get to know our products.
The Fire Element
Instead of using Red to represent the fire element, we have chosen a low key caramel to represent the passion of fire. 
Our Grannny in retro shape, looks great in this caramel color.

The Earth Element
Camel represents the color of Earth - steady and low key. It is also a symbol of infinite life.
Our Giant Baguette comes in this earthy tone, a great neutral to have in your wardrobe. 

The balance of the five elements creates a soft aura and texture. When we integrate the five elements into the design, we gain peace and serenity.