Pamper yourself this Labor Day holiday

The month of May is packed with holidays. The long Labor Day holiday is just around the corner, what are your travel plans?

This time, we invited ATHOLHU travel lovers to share their holiday destinations with us.

1. Where is your favorite holiday destination? And why?

2. Where is your next holiday destination? What makes it a destination that you would like to visit?

Sophie, a freelance writer at “The Light Studio”

1. My favorite vacation place is Bangkok! Although Bangkok is a city, the enthusiasm of the local people and the slow pace of life give the place its own kind holiday vibe. The food is great! Krabi and Koh Samui are very close by direct flight from Bangkok.

2. I would love to go to Jordan! The ancient city of Petra, one of the new wonders of the world, and the Dead Sea!
(Sophie with our Baguette in embossed lizard)

Little Pearl of Southern France, travel blogger from  Little Red Book 

1. My favorite vacation destination is Nice, also known as the most beautiful city in France. Nice has a clear blue Mediterranean bay. With more than 300 sunny days a year, and the South  European style houses, Nice is the perfect interpretation of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

2. My next vacation destination is Japan. When I was a child, I love the Japanese traditional culture and food due to the influence of the Japanese anime. I am looking forward to taking the whole family to walk in the streets of Japan to experience the local customs.

(Little Pearl of Southern France in our blue baguette with frills)

Yolin, founder of SO Social Media Consultancy

1. My favourite holiday destination is Italy! The weather, the food, the wine, the beach, the scenery, the handmade products, etc., are all very enjoyable. It is really a holiday paradise!

2. My next vacation destination is Greece. I was attracted mainly by the whites and blues of the country, but Greece is also like the birthplace of fairy tales. In fact, there are many places in Europe that I like and haven't been to yet. Hope to have the chance to experience each of them.

(Yolin, with our Parfume in yellow)

As a foreign brand from Singapore in China, we also have an indefinable love and passion for travel.
Seeing the travel photos of friends who like us, we feel as if we are in that foreign land.

The diverse local customs and cultures are also one of the elements that constitute our brand values. Just like these girls who like to travel, are courageous, optimistic and enthusiastic, we hope to explore more.

Is there any place in particular you'd like to go? You are welcome to private message us.

In addition, we have a special event underway:
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How to get involved: Send us a private message and tell us your story.
We'll be sharing it in our next blog in mid-May.
Let the love flow!