Is your leather bag made from real leather?

We all love bags.
Why do we choose leather material for our bags?
Leather bags have been well loved by many people for decades. Other than a good hand feel, leather can lasts for years.
photo: a faux leather after 2 years of usage

How do we differentiate real versues fake leather?

Real leather has a distinctive leather smell. Even if you store in the cupboard for months, everytime you take out that favourite leather bag, that leather smell never goes away. 
Faux leather often do not have a smell or has a heavy chemical smell to it. 

Observe the surface finishing of the leather and you will notice that pores of real leather are often not even.
Faux leather will have consistent pores.
photo: make a guess, which is real leather? answer at bottom of article

The handfeel of leather is often soft. 
Faux leather feels plastic.

This is the ultimate test. If the faux leather can pass through the above 3 tests, it will definitely fail in the piercing test. Real leather is more resistent to needle piercing through. 
Faux leather can be pierced through easily because the back of the material is essentially made of synthetic.

Now, do you know how to tell the difference? 
[answer: leather on the right is real]